We have couple of the special Guides for different level of dancers. And we have some answers for all categories of dancers. Read it carefully, and if you still have questions after it we'll be glad to help you - bsds.team@gmail.com.

FAQ's for Beginners (those who have never danced before)

FAQ's for intermediate and new dancers from other schools

FAQ's for (our) intermediate and advanced dancers

I used to do ballroom dancing (rock’n’roll / hustle / tango / salsa). Which group should I join if I want to try swing dancing?

We have a special group for you – beginners level. The time you’ll spend in it depends on your progress in the dance knowledge acquisition.

Do you teach only Lindy Hop? What about other dances?

We have regular classes in Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz. Yes, we teach only swing dance. No, we don’t dance waltz and other non-swing dances. Well, it happened to be this way. But we’re good in swing dancing instead ;)

Where is room 05 in Center Rosocha?

The room is on the ground floor, you can enter it through the administrator’s lobby.

Where is room 105 in Center Rosocha?

This room is on the first floor, up the stairs which are through the door on the left side of the entrance. On this floor, the room is marked by a white door with the number 105 on it.

Where can I leave my stuff during class?

We very much ask you to leave your coats, shoes and other bulky and not too valuable things in the administrator's room. It is better to take things of value with you, of course. Though we provide a place to put them, we do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged affairs.

Where is the toilet?

The toilet is accessible through the hallway - the last door on the left, opposite room 05.

Can I park my bicycle somewhere inside?

Unfortunately, there is not much space inside the hallway. We can not guarantee that everyone will be able to park their bikes there - another reason to come early! However, you can try to leave your bike in the courtyard (via a passage through the hall).  Please remember to lock your bicycle.

Why do we keep the entrance doors closed?

Our backpacks and bicycles do not just quietly wait for their owners. Even if all people who come to our classes are wonderful and nice, we are not so sure about the people outside of our cozy little bubble.

Why do we keep the classroom's doors closed?

It’s more convenient for everybody. There are usually people around in the hallway and in the administrator’s room coming out of their previous class or waiting for the next one discussing all sort of interesting subjects. The teachers don’t want to shout what they want to say and passers by should not have to raise their voices to get over the music played in class.

I've lost my * something * here last time, where can i find it?

If it is something not too valuable (a towel, clothes, shoes, thermos, bag, etc.), you can check the lost and found box in the administrator’s room. If it is something more valuable (phones, purses, jewelry, loose diamonds), most likely the administrator will personally have it. Well, at least we hope so.

How can I pay for the classes?

In September, we ask you to come in advance (at least 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the classes) and pay the fees to the administrator. You can pay for one lesson separately or buy a BSDC card for 5 or 10 lessons. If you already have a card, please give it to the administrator so that he can put a note to mark your attendance for this. As from October, we will try to switch to the opportunity of non-cash payments.

Where can I find the administrator?

The administrator's room is on the right side of the hallway behind the glass doors.

Can I pay the teacher?

In rare cases, when the administrator is not there, - yes. But we hope that this is only rarely the case.

Can I pay for multiple classes in advance?

Of course! You can buy a BSDC card for 5 or 10 lessons. The card for 5 lessons is valid for 6 weeks from the date of buying it, the 10 class card has no expiry date. With this this card, you can pay for any class of all BSDC teachers with the exception of Workshops, masterclasses and special series (for example Summer Aerials series).

I take a lot of classes, can I have a discount?

One lesson in BSDC costs 10 euros. If you buy a BSDC card, each lesson will cost you 8 euros (or you can calculate it differently: if you pay 4 lessons for the full price, the fifth lesson is free).

I'm a student, can I have a discount?

Yes, you pay 50% less for one-time classes and for BSDC cards.

I am in difficult financial circumstances right now, can I have a discount?

We can discuss this with great pleasure: we have quite a lot of job options that you can do for BSDC, and we will give you free classes in exchange.

I forgot my BSDC card, what should I do?

Please pay for this lesson in cash.

I do not have enough money to buy a BSDC card, what should I do?

Please pay for your current lesson in cash, and next time buy a BSDC card.

Can I use a BSDC card to pay for a class of another teacher?

Of course! Moreover, we highly recommend that you go to different teachers: the more classes per week you do, the faster you will learn. It's just a matter of repeating the same things over and over.

I missed too many classes, and now my BSDC card is running close to the expiry date. What can I do?

Try not to join only your group, but also the next group of another teacher, extra classes, solo jazz classes, etc. We have a wide choice this year - if you want, you can use almost an entire card in one week.

Solo Jazz classes? Why do I need them?

Because sooner or later you will realize that without Solo Jazz your Lindy Hop will never be as delightful and individual as it could be with Jazz. So better start them earlier than later.

Can I play my music before / after the class?

If you are already in the room, and the teacher is not there yet – don’t be shy. Your fellow students will be only grateful to you. (And yes, we assume that you will play swing music, right?).

Can I start to dance before the class?

Yes, Yes, Yes! Please do not wait for the lesson to begin to dance. An empty room is an excellent space to occupy.

Where / when can I dance Lindy Hop in Brussels?

Every second week BSDC organizes parties in the Muntpunt Café called Saturday Night Hop. If you want to dance more, we recommend joining the “Swing it Brussels” Facebook group, where you can find out all the latest news about the Swing dancing in Brussels.

I would like to help you with ... (whatever it might be). Can I have do that in exchange for free classes?

Certainly! We really want our students to be involved in the life of the club. We have a group of volunteers who receive free classes, master classes, and free entrance to various events. Write to us at bsdc.team@gmail.com and we will gladly offer you something which will suit you personally.