FAQ's for (our) intermediate and advanced dancers:

Last season I was in LH I. Where should I go this season?

You can stay in group I - there are a lot of people with fairly extensive Lindy Hop experience that go to this group simply because they do not want to engage in fast moves and performances. Nobody forces you to run if you do not want to. However, if you want you can try to pass the audition for A. In any case, the lessons of Solo Jazz (B and A), as well as "Themes" classes can become a pleasant addition to your Lindy Hop regime this year.

I did not pass the audition to LH A ("Vintage routines"). What should I do now?

Come to the Lindy Hop group and come to Solo Jazz Advanced classes, come to the "Themes" classes. We have a lot of interesting things for you!

I passed the audition to LH A ("Vintage routines"). What should I do now?

Congratulations! Come to class. And do not forget that we highly recommend still going to Solo Advanced Jazz.

Why do I need Solo Jazz classes?

Firstly, there are a huge number of jazz routines that are well-known and almost universally required knowledge - every decent level advanced dancer should know how to dance the same Big Apple. Secondly, if you went to even one class of Lindy Hop in our club, you would not ask this question. Simply because, from our point of view, the lindy hop we dance is more of a special case of coupled jazz dance than a dance in which leading and following are put in the forefront.

Why do I need Solo Jazz classes for beginners?

As practice shows, a lack of regular classes in jazz (and classes overall) leads even the most advanced and advancing dancers to have annoying gaps in their "jazz base".  Then, the most well-known steps and basic technique becomes a great can turn out to be amazing discoveries. In order not to waste time during the lessons of Advanced Solo Jazz, we recommend you - if possible, of course - to go to the Beginner group. Repeating the basics is always useful.

What will we do in "LH I" group?

You can read about this on our "courses" page.

What will we do in the "LH A" group ("Vintage routines")?

You can read about this on our "courses" page.

What will we do in "Show"?

What do you know - we will prepare showcases! Starting this year, BSDC expects to offer a sufficient number of venues and occasions for showcases. So there will be regular performances Jill and Alex’s show group. Be prepared for the fact that you will appear on the stage regularly – and don’t be alarmed!

What is "Themes"?

You can read about this on our "courses" page.

What is the level for the "Themes"?

Each topic will be designed for the level from I to A. Read the announcements of the each series carefully fort his information.

I would like to make the audition to the Lindy Hop Advanced and Show, but I can’t be there on the 6th of September. What other day is possible?

You need to apply personally to Olga and / or Jill and Alex, and let them know that you would like to be selected for this or that group. Perhaps, in your case, a formal audition might not even be necessary - or, perhaps it will be enough to meet 15 minutes before the beginning of the lesson and dance with the teacher. However, if we have a a lot of people coming tot he teachers with this question and if we have place in the group, we will try to organize a second round of auditions in October.

I did not pass the audition to LH A ("Vintage routines"), and I did not pass the audition to "Show". Can I come to the "Themes"?

Of course! Don’t even hesitate.

"Vintage routines" and "Themes" - isn't it the same?

In the “Vintage Routines” classes Olga and Alex will teach you only Lindy Hop routines known from classic old school clips. In addition, the specifics of the technique of one or another original dancer can be learned there. In the "themes" classes, Jill and Alex can concentrate on both couple and solo moves. In addition, they can choose the subject of the class not only from vintage clips, but also from other sources. Moreover, not only Lindy Hop and Jazz, but also other dances - Charleston, Black Bottom, Tap, Balboa, etc., can be topics for these. Everything is possible!

"Themes" and "Show" – isn’t it the same?

What they have in common are the teachers :). In the "special topics" classes, Jill and Alex will teach you steps and patterns which will be used in the training sessions of the Show group. Anyone can come to the "Themes" classes, but not everyone can come to the "show" classes - only those who have passed the audition can.

I passed the audition to "Show". Do I only have class on Friday? Can I stop taking other classes?

The Show group is not the place to learn new moves and patterns. It’s a place to prepare and rehearse for shows using moves, patterns and techiques that you learned elsewhere. Show classes are too special and too rare to have spend precious time learning things which you should have seen in your regular classes. Therefore we highly recommend (and in some cases insist) that you continue to attend regular classes for Advanced dancers. In particular it will be absolutely necessary to attend Jill and Alex’s classes on "special topics" on Wednesdays and we highly recommended to go to classes of Olga and Alex‘s "vintage routines" on Thursdays, as well as classes of Solo Jazz A on Thursdays.

Where / when can I practice?

As from September, there’s a special time dedicated to practice: Wednesday, 18.00-19.45, room 105 at Centre Rosocha. You can bring your own music or use our collection for beginners and intermediate dancers. To cover the costs of renting the room, we ask you to leave 1-2 euros to the administrator of BSDC (depending on the duration of your stay). Thank you!

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