FAQ's for intermediate and new dancers from other schools

I've been danced for a month / half a year / 5 years in the school "I-don't-want-to-tell-you-the-name" / "the best-dance-school-in-the-world "/" You-don't-know-this-school-anyway-because-it's-on-the-other-side-of-the-world ". Now I want to take some classes in BSDC. What should I start with?

Lindy Hop  BI.

Why do you send me to the Beginner-Intermediate group? I think I can do better. I'm a good dancer.

Yes, we know that in your school you could go to a more Advanced group. But we need to first tell you the basic things about technique that we offer as a base for our students. After that we will gladly move you to move to more advanced groups.

Why are you so sure that I'm not familiar with your material? I went to a lot of workshops and I had classes with a lot of good teachers.

We do not in any way question your rich and, of course, serious knowledge. And we are sure that you have learned a lot from your teachers. But our no less serious, more than 15-year experience of teaching Lindy Hop, as well as knowledge of how the revival of lindy hop took place in Europe, tell us that in most cases our basic technique will be new for you. (Although ironically this technique is the closest to  "vintage" and "original" as possible under modern conditions).

How much time will I spend in a BI group?

It depends on you. On average, as practice shows, familiarization with basic techniques takes from 10 to 15 classes, but in some individual cases we personally invite people to move to another group (both of a more advanced or less advanced level). We constantly rotate students in our classes, so don’t worry – we won’t miss you.

Why do I need Solo Jazz? Which level?

If we could, we would have made attendance of these classes compulsory. But unfortunately, modern European law forbids us tob e so cruel :). Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you go to these classes. If you did not go to Solo jazz before, start with a group for beginners. If you already have knowledge of basic jazz figures, you can try to go to the advanced level. We have precedents when people went to both groups! You too can try it, if you want.

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