FAQ's for Beginners (those who have never danced before)

I've never danced before, where and how should I start?

All of our groups called “LH B” in the schedule are classes of Lindy Hop for beginners: people who have never had Lindy Hop classes before, people who started classes a long time ago and quit after a couple of months and people who danced other dances before Lindy Hop. Yes, even if you do not have a sense of rhythm, even if you have two left feet, and even if you are afraid of stepping on someone's foot in the second step of your amazing dance. We know how to make you a cool dancer :).

Can I start to dance in September? Which groups are for beginners?

Of course! In September we start two groups, both on Wednesday: Olga and Alex's group at 18:30 in CR, room 05, and Benjamin and Alex's group at 19.45 in hall CR, room 105. If you are late starting this class (that is after September 13th), you can try to catch up with this group for the next 2-3 sessions. If you arrive even later, we will ask you to take one or more one private lessons from your teacher, or come to the next group, which opens on 03/10/2017 from Dasha and Bert at 19.00 in the SD room.

None of the September beginners groups suit me. What should I do?

In October we open one more beginners group on Tuesdays with Dasha and Bert at 19.00 in the SD room. If this option does not suit you, subscribe to our mailing list for beginners: when we open the next series, we will let you know. Most likely these groups start in January-February 2018.

I missed one class in my group. Can I go to another teacher?

No need to panic! Missing one class is not the biggest deal: look at the recap of lesson, come 15 minutes before the next class and practice the material. At the beginning of each next lesson, we repeat the material of the previous one. However, it’s still a good idea to visit different teachers and we very, very, very much recommend doing so. The more classes (even on the same topic) a week you can visit (and especially among different teachers of BSDC), the faster you will learn to dance. We would be very happy if you go for 2-3 classes a week!

What is "Solo Jazz"? Do I need it?

You can not dance in couple if you can’t dance on your own, without a partner. In Lindy Hop we have a huge array of movements and steps and for the purpose of learning and dancing we do not need a partner. Moreover, there are even whole separate dances and routines that do not require a partner, but are performed solo - Shim Sham, Big Apple, Tranky Doo.  Each more or less advanced dancer should know them.  So - yes, you need these classes.

When will I be able to dance at parties?

It depends on how brave you are. We have had pupils who went out - and danced! - at parties immediately after the first lesson. We have had pupils who after several years of studies believed that they were still not ready. On average, we promise that after a couple of months you will have enough knowledge and collection of moves, to dance easily to the beginner-friendly music at our parties.

May I come to classes in my favourite dress (jeans, kimono, tuxedo)?

Well, if you want to… But here is a good piece of advice: please do not wear anything hindering your movements. Basically, any casual clothes will do. But if you prefer to keep your style and attend classes only wearing your favourite clothes, nobody minds.

Okay, what about shoes?

Special shoes are meant for different dances, floors, etc. Practically dancers buy special shoes after about a year of taking classes – when they get enough experience to feel the difference. We’d be happy if you come to your first class wearing Aris Allens, but all you really need is light sports shoes with a soft flexible sole and without high heel.

I’m a guy (girl) and I don’t have a dance partner. What should I do?

Come and join our classes! You don’t need a constant dance partner since the dance is social. We teach any guy to dance with any girl and rotate partners a lot during classes. So even if there are more girls (boys) than boys (girls), you won’t be bored standing in a corner and longing for a partner. At least, not for long :)

Why can not I stay with my partner during the whole class? Why do you change the partners all the time?

We didn’t invent this: try to find Lindy Hop classes where people do not change partners! Do you know why? Because grass is green, the sandwich falls buttered side down and you learn dancing faster if you change partners! This is the law of nature, and who are we to argue with it?

Where / when can I practice?

As from September, there’s a special time dedicated to practice: Wednesday, 18.00-19.45, room 105 at Centre Rosocha. You can bring your own music or use our collection for beginners and intermediate dancers. To cover the costs of renting the room, we ask you to leave 1-2 euros to the administrator of BSDC (depending on the duration of your stay). Thank you!

Can I make a video of the classes?

We very much ask you not to makes video during classes (It distracts the group and the teacher and also will not help you learn the material more efficiently). You can make videos of yourself and your friends before or after class, repeating any movements and exercises you have seen. Teachers will sometimes show a brief recap of the material which you can record. Please do not upload these clips to a place where they can be seen publicly. Thank you for understanding!

Can I have a link to the recaps of my classes?

If you registered to a "Beginners" group on our website, check your mail - most likely, after 1-2 lessons you will receive an e-mail with a link to our YouTube channel. If you haven’t received anything, write to our administrators, they will help you - bsdc.team@gmail.com.

What will happen to my Beginner group after 10-15 classes?

The Beginner group will magically become a group of Beginner-Intermediates. Don’t be afraid, it does not hurt at all, and can sometimes even be a pleasant experience.

Why can't I stay with only one teacher? Why do you send me to the other teachers?

We sincerely believe that Lindy Hop can not be learned from only one teacher. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and for the fastest training, as well as for expanding your dance horizon, we will not only invite you to the classes of various teachers within our club, but also constantly organize and invite you to master classes of even more experienced foreign teachers. Why? Because the more Lindy Hop teachers you learn from, the more likely it is that you will find the approach tot he dance that suits you best. Everyone is different!

I've missed too many classes, how can I catch up with my group?

After each lesson, we make a recap video. If you leave us your e-mail, you will receive a link to the recaps – practice the material at home, come in 15 minutes before the beginning of the class and ask someone from your group to join with you in this material. Moreover, at the beginning of each lesson, we usually briefly repeat the material from last class. In general it helps to get you back on track. However, if you missed too many classes (for example, several months), it might make sense to enroll in a group of the same level again to go through the material without hurrying and stressing the second time round.

I fill that I'm too slow. I need more time to process and learn the same step. What should I do?

Come to our practice, invite someone to join you, and repeat the material from the classes until it starts to work out. Go to parties, and - dance, dance, dance! Take a few private lessons - perhaps you need to fix just one or two small details to make everything else fall in place. And remember: we do not have competitions "who can learn to dance faster", we are engaged in dancing for the sake of the process - we just like to do it. The skill level of a dancer is not as important as the pleasure that each person receives from the dance itself. However, if you feel that your learning process is deteriorating to a critical point, there is nothing wrong with going through the same course again, with the next group. You’d be surprised how many people do it.

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