At BSDC we want to build and maintain a thriving group of dancers passionate about Jazz dance and Music. We are dedicated to creating top-notch swing dance classes in Brussels for beginner and more experienced dancers alike, combining group teaching with individual feedback. Lindy Hop is our life and teaching it is a privilege - so don’t hesitate to join us!


What's up in 2019?

New Lindy Hop Beginners classes will start in September. Registrations are open!
- Saturday Night Hop, or bi-weekly free party at Muntpunt Grand Café is back 14/09/2019. Link 

Events at BSDC - 2019 program.

  • Regardless of whether you're an experienced dancer or would like to start dancing Lindy Hop - BSDC has something to offer you. We organize Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz classes in Brussels with an emphasis on rhythm and technique. Read about our teaching philosophy here. You can find the 2019 program here. Our classes are modular: you can pay as you come, though regular visitors get a discount. Our teaching days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. All classes are taught in English!

  • We'll have a lot of parties! Which means we'll need a lot of DJ's. It leads us to a many interesting improvements in our workshops and talks program, stay with us and read more about it later.

  • There are so many great dancers our there with so much knowledge to share with us! We'll invite some of them for you. BSDC keeps organizing workshops with the best possible international instructors with unique experience in Swing Dance.

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