New BSDC classes for beginners from September 2018:

BSDC offer 3 program for beginners: Lindy Hop, Tap and Balboa.

1) Lindy Hop: this season we'll have 3 new groups with 3 couples. You can visit several of them if you want to have more then 1 class per week. You don't have to register with your partner, but we hope you remember that it takes two to have a couple dance. 

- Dasha and Bert's group starts from 04th of September 2018. - Registration is closed, this class is completely full at the moment

- Olga and Alex's group starts from 06th of September 2018.

- Jill and Alex's group starts from 10th of September 2018.

2) Tap: you don't need to have special Tap shoes! Your regular dance shoes are OK to start with. Group starts from 12th September 2018.

3) Balboa: this year we offer a special intensive course for Lindy Hoppers, 6 week in September and October. After that course you will be ready to join next level (Beginners Intermediate group, starting in October). Group starts from 12th September 2018.

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If you can not find a class for Beginners that fits your schedule, we can send you an e-mail with news when a next Lindy Hop Beginners opens.