New BSDC classes for beginners from September 2019:

BSDC offer 2 programs for beginners: Lindy Hop and Balboa.

1) Lindy Hop:

  • from 11/09/2019: Wednesdays group, 20.45-22.00

  • from 12/09/2019: Thursdays group, 20.40-21.55

  • from 16/09/2019: Mondays group, 21.10-22.25

2) Balboa: Crash Course for Beginners. From 18/09/2019, Wednesday, 19.50-22.25.

You don't have to register with your partner, but we hope you remember that it takes two to have a couple dance. 

BSDC offer several groups for Lindy Hop BeginnersIntermediate and Intermediate dancers, Jazz classes for Intermediate and classes for Balboa Intermediate:

  • from 11/09/2019: Wednesday Small Workshop (mostly for Advanced dancers, but sometimes for Intermediate dancers too)

  • from 12/09/2019: Thursdays Beginners Intermediate group, Intermediate group

  • from 16/09/2019: Mondays Beginners Intermediate group, Intermediate group

  • from 16/09/2019: Mondays Jazz group for Intermediate dancers

  • after Balboa Crush Course, October: Balboa classes for Intermediate dancers.

    There is no need to register for this classes, just come back to the level you belong.

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If you can not find a class for Beginners that fits your schedule, we can send you an e-mail with news when a next Lindy Hop Beginners opens.