Lennart WesTerlund Workshop in February 2019

Lennart Westerlund is coming to Belgium again! He will teach classes in Brussels. There will be all levels classes, special intensive course for Advanced dancers, there will be Lindy Hop, Jazz and Charleston classes.

Who is this guy? Lennart is a dancer, historian, performer, teacher, speaker and choreographer. We do not exaggerate in saying that without him, Lindy Hop as we know it might not exist. Together with a bunch of other enthusiasts, he started studying Lindy Hop  in 1981 by researching and analyzing movie clips from the Swing Era. Realizing how little information about this dance was available, they took the step of actually traveling to New York on trying to figure out if some of the original Lindy Hoppers were still around – even going so far as calling any names in the phone book that resembled those of dancers they knew were active back in the day. In parallel with communities in New York and London, the Swedish Swing Dance Society was instrumental in bringing dancers like Al Minns and Frankie Manning out of retirement and getting them to share what they knew. As a founding member of the Rhythm Hot Shots (now the Harlem Hot Shots), he was one of the creators of the premier Lindy Hop show team in the world. He is also the organizer of the first Herrang Dance Camp – the first and greatest Lindy Hop workshop in the world. Currently, he plays an important role in the Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm.

So OK yeah, I get it – he’s some big cheese. Why should I take his classes?

Well, for two reasons. One is obvious – it’s getting very hard to get first hand knowledge from the old time dancers these days, not many of them are still with us. And face it, they never thought of themselves as teachers anyway – they danced and performed first and foremost. Listening and working with Lennart gives you the chance to share in the knowledge of who spent years and years working with all of the greats. And what’s more, he knows how translate their wisdom in a way we European logic-obsessed can understand.

Secondly: to experience what many of the best dancers these day believe to be the core of the Lindy Hop: Rhythm.  As we learn the Lindy Hop we often get bogged down in moves, counts, technicality and the shape of our dance. Nothing wrong with that – only an African-American dancer in the thirties had no time for that. They put the music first, creating the moves through the rhythms, rather than treating ‘footwork’ as an add-on for advanced dancers.

Beginners and experienced dancers, come and get inspired!

Do you have something special for Advanced dancers (maybe even teachers?)

Yes, we have Special Intensive Course for Advanced dancers. We will spend 4 hours with Lennard (of course there will be some tea/coffee breaks) on Sunday 10/02, doing some Lindy Hop, Jazz and Charleston (the exact program will depend on your questions and his expertise). We want to keep the level of that group as advanced as possible, so you need to have our confirmation of your participation of that class.  Maximum number of participants is 10-12 couples, so be fast if you want to be in!


Wednesday 06/02, Brussels, Centre Rosocha.
18.30-19.45 Lindy Hop I
19.50-20.50 Jazz I-IA
20.55-22.15 Lindy Hop IA

Thursday 07/02, Brussels, Centre Rosocha.
18.30-19.45 Jazz BI-I
19.50-20.50 Lindy Hop I
20.55-22.15 Lindy Hop BI

Saturday 09/02, Brussels, Centre Rosocha.
18.00-19.15 Charleston BI-I
19.20-20.35 Lindy Hop BI-I
20.40-21.55 Lindy Hop I-IA

Saturday 10/02, Brussels, Centre Rosocha.
18.00-22.30: Lindy Hop & Jazz for IA&A (special course 4 hours, 10-12 couples max).


1 class - 15 €

5 and more classes - each class is 10 €

Special course (4 hours) - 40 €


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