BSDC doesn't only offer lessons in Lindy Hop and Solo Dance, but also organizes many other events related to swing dance (because we are not just a dance school, but a community of people who are keen on the subject.) In our Facebook Group, for example, we post video every day. Through old black-and-white clips, we tell small stories about the artists in the period between the World Wars, post pictures, offer documentaries and books for a more serious study all issues around African-American Jazz dance and music.

Upcoming Events:


Our regular party, Saturday Night Hop, happens each second Saturday in Muntpunt Grand Café.
Check out all details on the Facebook page.


As a club we also do the following:


  • invite teachers for master classes
  • organize special classes on specific topics:
    • the history of jazz and swing dancing
    • the history of fashion in the first half of the 20th century
    • crash courses for swing DJs.
  • we produce choreographies for show groups and performances, etc.
  • private lessons for couples and groups
  • wedding dances
  • shows for your corporate parties and open introductory lessons of Charleston, Lindy hop, Jazz. 
  • We can advise you in organizing vintage photo sessions and participate in them.
  • We can help you to find dancers as extras at various shootings, etc.

Write to us: most likely, we can help you! (in case we ourselves are too busy, we will refer you to those people who can help you).


Past Events:

BSDC presents: aerials, second edition. 2nd and 9th of July 2017

Not that many classes in the summer? It means you saved all your enegry for that hard-working worshop! 
Let's do some air steps! 
What kind of airsteps will we teach? It depends on you, guys:) We can repeat some moves from our previous course or we can work on the new one. We'll see right there. 
More important that we'll be focusing on how to make the air steps to be the part of your actual dance.

What do you need? 
1) partner. We are not exchanging parthners during these classes.
2) sports shoes and loose smooth clothing with long sleeves (no jeans, no skirts, no high heels). Just to be sure: NO jeans. Thank you.

Your level is at least intermediate. You have to be familiar with basic moves like Swing Out, Lindy Circle, Charleston, Tuck Turn, etc. You have be able to keep these movements on the tempo at least 160 bpm. All info via the Facebook page.

Three days with Lennart, or how to stop worrying and love Lindy Hop! (3rd - 5th of November 2015)

Yes, we’re having Lennart Westerlund back with us very soon! From the 3rd to the 5th of October, he’ll be in Brussels for a very special project: an intensive mini-course focusing on Harlem Roots!

What’s it about? it’s about reconnecting as much as possible with the dance as it was done back in the days, on the floor of Harlem’s ballrooms. In this program we’ll go further than just analysing ‘Savoy Style’ Lindy Hop : we try to get to the original swing dance basics as a way of thinking. We’ll talk a lot about rhythm as closely linked to the music. We’ll also take a closer look to the historical and cultural background, so as to create a more authentic connection to our dance.


-       This is small scale workshop: 10 to 15 couples maximum.
-       Level: Intermediate and above.
-       It takes place during the evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (3-4-5 November).
-       You register for the whole track. Price is 80 euro per person.
-      Couple registrations get priority.


-       Tuesday November 3rd: 20.15 -22.00 - Salle Dublin, Rue Dublin 13, 1050 Ixelles
-       Wednesday November 4th: 18.30 – 20.30 - Maison des Ailes, Rue Montoyer 1, 1000 Bruxelles
-       Thursday November 5th: 19.00-22.00 -  Collectif Auquai - Quai du Hainaut 23 - 1080 Molenbeek


Ryan Francois in Belgium for the first time! 12th and 13th of September 2015 (WORKSHOP SOLD OUT)
Who is he? He is is widely regarded as one of the world's best dancer and teacher on all authentic jazz dance styles associated with the 1920s, 30s and 40s - especially the Lindy Hop, the revival of which he has been instrumental in.

Ryan was a first generation member of the group of enthousiasts who started this revival in the UK, back in the middle of the ‘80s. As part of this movement he worked with dancers such as Louise “Mama Lou” Parks and Norma Miller. He worked extensively with Frankie Manning, forming a fruitful and intense friendship.

For many years he has taught, performed and toured all over the world. He is also one of the few Swing dancers to have a mainstream presence, having worked on such shows as 'So You Think You Can Dance', 'Dancing With The Stars', 'Britain's Got Talent', 'Strictly Dance Fever' and, most notably, on 'Strictly Come Dancing'. On stage, he was Associate Choreographer and star performer in the Broadway musical 'Swing' (nominated for 7 TONY awards), and on the big screen, he counts Disney's 'Swing Kids' (starring Christian Bale & Robert Sean Leonard) and 'Do You Come Here' as amongst his best work.


Saturday 12/09. Location: Carthago, rue Sylvain Denayer 51, 1070 Anderlecht (

·         13.30-14.45: Lindy Hop Beginner-Intermediate

·         15.00-16.15: Charleston Beginner-Intermediate

·         16.30-17.45: Jazz Beginner-Intermediate

Sunday 13/09. Location: Location: Carthago, rue Sylvain Denayer 51, 1070 Anderlecht (

         ·         14.00-15.15 : Jazz Intermediate-Advanced

         ·      15.30-16.45 : Charleston Intermediate-Advanced

         ·      17.00-18.15 : Lindy Hop Intermediate 

         ·         18.15-19.30: Special class on Show and Choreography

Party: Party all night long with us on Saturday! In the classy setting of the ballroom of Belgium's Air Force Officer's Club "La Maison des Ailes" grandma's favourite Swing band - Birdie Bounce will get your fet moving. Stay tuned for a midnight surprise as well!

How does it work?

-       You asses your own level and pick the modules which you think are appropriate.
-       You keep in mind that where we describe a level as ‘Beginners’, we mean that we will treat some of the most basic elements of Lindy Hop. Even if you consider yourself an advanced dancer, do consider taking some basic classes as well: technique is important.
-       Each class costs 20 euro taken by itself and 15 euro when taken in a package with other classes.
-    The entrance price to the party is 12 euro for workshop participants, 15 euro for non-participants.
-       If you take three classes, you can choose one class of an equal or « lower » level for free.
-    One registration form per couple is enough.

I don’t really get that… Don’t worry, our registration team is ready to advise you. Contact them by mail ( or phone (outside of business hours)

WORKSHOP: Back to the roots with Lennart Westerlund! 15th to 18th of April 2015

Who is this guy? Lennart is a dancer, historian, performer, teacher, speaker and choreographer. We do not exaggerate in saying that without him, Lindy Hop as we know it might not exist. Together with a bunch of other enthusiasts, he started studying Lindy Hop  in 1981 by researching and analysing movie clips from the Swing Era. Realising how little information about this dance was available, they took the step of actually traveling to New York on trying to figure out if some of the original Lindy Hoppers were still around – even going so far as calling any names in the phone book that resembled those of dancers they knew were active back in the day. In parallel with communities in New York and London, the Swedish Swing Dance Society was instrumental in bringing dancers like Al Minns and Frankie Manning out of retirement and getting them to share what they knew. As a founding member of the Rhythm Hot Shots (now the Harlem Hot Shots), he was one of the creators of the premier Lindy Hop show team in the world. He is also the organiser of the first Herrang Dance Camp – the first and greatest Lindy Hop workshop in the world. Currently, he plays an important role in the Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm.

So OK yeah, I get it – he’s some big cheese. Why should I take his classes?

Well, for two reasons. One is obvious – it’s getting very hard to get first hand knowledge from the old time dancers these days, not many of them are still with us. And face it, they never thought of themselves as teachers anyway – they danced and performed first and foremost. Listening and working with Lennart gives you the chance to share in the knowledge of who spent years and years working wit hall of the greats. And what’s more, he knows how translate their wisdom in a way we European logic-obsessed can understand.

Secondly: to experience what many of the best dancers these day believe to be the core of the Lindy Hop: Rhythm.  As we learn the Lindy Hop we often get bogged down in moves, counts, technicity and the shape of our dance. Nothing wrong with that – only an African-American dancer in the thirties had no time for that. They put the music first, creating the moves through the rhythms, rather than treating ‘footwork’ as an add-on for advanced dancers.

Beginners and experienced dancers, come and get inspired!