BSDC Xmas Party & BSDC Xmas Cup 2017


We are very happy to invite all our students, teachers, volunteers, friends, Brussels dancers and everyone who is interested in Swing Dance to our first Xmas Party on the 22nd of December, 2017!

It was a good year for BSDC: we've worked hard to bring Swing Dance in the best possible way to our students, we've met a lot of new good friends and we are looking forward to the new season to have even better time with all of you. Now it's time to celebrate! 

If you are still hesitating, find below the evening program :

- social dance to live music;

- competitions;

- cabaret.



BSDC is happy to present its first Strictly Lindy Hop Competitions!  The competitions will take place during BSDC Xmas Party, so no wonder they are called 'BSDC Xmas Cup 2017'.

Although today's contemporary Lindy Hop scene offers a handful of prestigious competitions all around the world for both amateurs as well as professionals (especially social oriented 'Jack&Jill's), we still lack of Strictly Lindy Hop competitions in our home city, Brussels. We believe having one will both support the development of Brussels Lindy Hop scene and help promote dances, music and culture of Jazz Age. We wish to see our newest students joining the competitions, to discover new talented dancers and preserve the true home-like spirit of original house parties.

Competition will be open to everyone, not only to BSDC students.

1) Lindy Hop Strictly Beginners.

2) Lindy Hop Strictly Advanced.

3) Solo Jazz Open.



Lindy Hop Strictly Beginners for the newest competitors, open for the dancers with less than 1 year of experience. This competition will highlight the social skills (including braveness and creativity). Some basic technique is required.

Lindy Hop Strictly Advanced will highlight the skills of performing through musicality, improvisation and creativity. Although choreographed sequences are not disallowed, the judges will be looking for spontaneity, creativity and connection to the music. Although allowed, aerials are NOT required and will be judged on difficulty, execution and timing to the music. Judging focus will be on the dancing.

Solo Jazz Open is a solo dance contest. Competitors will be judged on their performance in Charleston and Authentic jazz. This year, prelims will be in all skates format. You will dance to 3 different songs.

In Lindy Hop Strictly divisions participants register as a couple. Participants can only register to one Strictly division, depending on their dance experience (more than 1 year - Advanced, less than 1 year - Beginner).

Prelims will follow the classic "all skates" format. Participants will dance to 3 different songs. The Lindy Hop Finals will be in the classic spotlight format (one song around 1 minute long); the Solo Jazz Final will be in the classic spotlight format for each finalist.

In all divisions participants will perform to music selected by BSDC DJ's.

Live music

Please welcome The Morning Call Jazz Band, Brussels-based band formed in 2017. From the name of a famous New Orleans coffee, known for its delicious donuts, "The Morning Call Jazz Band" is a new jazz band with variable geometry. They have Olivier Faber (Trumpet) Julien Gillain (Piano), Daniel Duchateau (Drums), Andrew Bolton (double bass) .



(may be changed later)

19.00 - doors open for guests and participants. Registration for participants open. Social dance.

20.00 - Lindy Hop Beginners Prelims.

Lindy Hop Advanced Prelims.

Solo Jazz Open Prelims.

20.30 - Live music.

21.30 - Lindy Hop Beginners Finals.

Lindy Hop Advanced Finals.

Solo Jazz Open Finals.

22.00 - Live music.

23.00 Cabaret.


23.30 - Live music.

00.30-01.00 - DJ's & Social dance.


Tickets are 10 Euros, you can buy at the door.


Tango Factory: Rue Volta 8 1050 Ixelles Bruxelles.





BSDC Xmas Cup 2017: Lindy Hop Strictly

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BSDC Xmas Cup 2017: Solo Jazz Open

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